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Contact Almost 3500 years ago, in 1447 BC, Moses and the Israelite slaves were pursued by Pharaoh and the Egyptian Army who wanted them back.
  Moses, trapped by the sea, parted the water and escaped.  The pursuing Army, however, got caught between two returning tsunamis, was drowned, and fell to the bottom.  Satellite Ground Penetrating Radar has found the whole army buried in the sand. See also below.  A discussion of
 the First Passover and Exodus subjects, discovered by detailed study.  Comment learn, and grow in spirit and truth.  Moses'es Exodus account is a true Bible story, but where and how the Red Sea parted has been the subject of great debate. 
 The website reviews which theory best follows the fine 
Bible details and exposes some 'evidence' that is false.  The site then discusses aspects of the theory that matches very well.  ANTIQUES - Harry A. Eberhardt and Son Inc. is America's Oldest Antiques Shop in 
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